Welcome to the Palm Springs Animation Festival & Expo

Each year the festival receives over 2700 unique film entries from 103 countries. Our team of jurors work to select 250+ titles from shorts to features that showcase the breadth of the art form. We hold our judging to nine cinematic virtues: storytelling, humor, heart, ideas, originality, visual interest, craftsmanship, diversity, and gut-level viewing pleasure. 

We're proud to be featuring award winning films from Cannes, Annecy, Tribeca and Sundance with Oscar® Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , Emmy® and Grammy® wining artists and producers in a variety of styles from 2D, 3D, Hand Drawn, Water Color, Oil Painted, VFX & Rotoscoping, Experimental, Sand, Paper, Anime, and Stop-Motion. We will be featuring film for All Ages in a variety of genres from Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi,  Fantasy, Horror and Abstract.

The festival experience is about more than just watching film after film. During intermissions, or at the after-parties, strike up a conversation about what you’ve just seen. Review the show with your date, pointing out personal favorites in the program. Ask one of the animators about what went into creating their project. Join the animation tribe, trading tips about local job opportunities. At its heart, the festival is a family reunion for animation-lovers.

Whether you’ve been attending since year one,
or whether you’re discovering indie animation for the
first time... The magic ingredient that turns films into
a festival is you. We’re here together to celebrate
creativity of these artists who have worked so hard
to transform their daydreams into a fantasy reality
and appreciate how much love has been poured into
these projects.  

The festival started in my backyard in 2009 and now there's one in every state! Thank you to everyone who has given their support to this colossal undertaking. Thank you to the film jurors, the friends who’ve helped get the word out, and the volunteers who have help promote this exciting event!  Most of all, thank you to the filmmakers. Your films delight and inspire—it is a pleasure to help bring them to a wider audience.

Animation is a powerful form of art with the ability to educate, inform, transform, and inspire a whole new world of digital storytelling. Our goal and passion is to celebrate amazing animated films, the talented artist and their teams from around the world. 
-Brian Neil Hoff, Festival Director




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Brian Neil Hoff hosting a panel discussion with lead animator
      on The Simpsons TV Show  Chance Raspberryduring 
     the Palm Springs Int'l Animation Festival November 2017
" Meet the Creatives" panel at UCR Palm Desert Campus
  Brian Neil Hoff joined the "Digital Storytelling" discussion with
  other creative professionals from the Coachella Valley
  in October 2017

"Brian Hoff is a God-send! We at Palm Springs High School were astounded to find such a creative and passionate influence for our students.  Mr. Hoff has given countless hours and shared his enthusiasm with dozens of our students.  Not only has he shared his personal career pathway in animation with several classes of students but he also has served as a mentor working weekly with students interested in the animation industry.  Clearly, Mr. Hoff has excited our young people and helped ignite creative verve that will be a foundation for everything in these young people’s lives."

Richard Kravitz, Guidance Councilor 
Palm Springs High School